May 29, 2020  
Devoice and Your Home

Divorce and Your Home - 离婚与你的房产

As you’re well aware, a divorce doesn’t only result in emotional pain, it can often lead to financial turmoil. Deciding on how to deal with the break-up of the family home can be the most intimidating and potentially devastating part of the divorce.


The first decision is whether you want to continue living in the house. Will the familiar surroundings bring you comfort and emotional security, or unpleasant memories? Do you want to minimize change by staying where you are, or sell your home and move to a new place that offers a new start?  What You Need to Know about Your House and your Home Loan? You will have 4 choices to do. We would like to help you to devise a plan of action during what might be a sensitive time for you. To receive detailed tips, please by fill out the form as follows, we’ll contact you ASAP.









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