January 15, 2021  

Avoid Traps to Buy A UnderConstruction Condos

Buy Property with Less Down Payment


Usually, the Down Payment 20% of Purchase Pricebut the down payment less than 20% is possible too. In some case the buyer only have 5% down Payment, if can he purchase a property? The answer is yes If youd like to use under 20% of the down payment to purchase a property, please contact us by filling out the form as follows.





在投资楼花或未建成项目时,除了要注意通常买房屋事项外还要了解楼花买卖中易犯的错误。有6个常见易犯的错误,是否犯这些错误正是聪明的投资者和一个平常投资者的区别. 为从这些失误或错误中吸取教训,请通过如下表格联系我们:

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